Banh Pho started in a small shop in Santa Barbara in 1996.

Like many companies it began out of necessity when the gear I was looking for wasn't available.

The approach here has always been diversity and a bigger picture in the approach to enjoying an ocean based lifestyle. My hero's were guys like George Downing, Joe Quigg, Pat Curren and Greg Noll who were not only world class watermen but world class craftsman as well, building the equipment they needed for the activities they enjoyed. 

Bann Pho has been an effort to keep the self sufficient ocean lifestyle alive.

Hanging ten is cool. So is paddling the Kaiwi channel, and body surfing the Wedge, and going mach five on a 5' fish at a remote point in Baja, and foiling a spot that two years ago wasn't a spot at all. Its a great time to be alive, especially if you enjoy surfing. 

If I can help you in making an idea a reality, drop me  a line.